Art Basel Stabber to Be Deported

Some onlookers thought she was behind a bizarre, eye-popping piece of performance art. Turned out she was attempting to murder someone. 

Siyuan Zhao used an X-Acto knife to stab a woman in the middle of the Miami Beach Convention Center during the December 2015 edition of Art Basel Miami Beach. Today she entered a plea deal on murder charges and will be deported to her native China. 

Zhao, who at the time was a 24-year-old student studying in New York City, stalked a woman at the fair. The two didn't know each other, but Zhao kept bumping into her. When the victim confronted her, Zhao took out her X-Acto knife and stabbed the woman in the arm and neck. 

Bystanders didn't know what to make of the situation until they realized the blood dripping down the victim's arm was real. 

When police arrested Zhao, she yelled, "I had to kill her and two more! I had to watch her bleed."

Zhao was diagnosed with mental illness and suffered from psychosis, which included hearing voices. She has since been placed on medication. She had admitted to police that she believed the victim was an ISIS agent trying to destroy the art. 

In addition to being deported, Zhao is also required to pay $9,900 in restitution and write a 50-page apology book, according to CBS Miami

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.