Art Basel Miami Beach Concerned About Possible "Occupy" Protest

Where will the one percent be this week? Glugging down free champagne and writing checks for million dollar art works during Art Basel Miami Beach, of course. Naturally, rumors of the 99 percenters staging an Occupy Wall Street related protest at the ritzy art fair are swirling, and ABMB is so concerned they've sent out a letter about the possibility to gallerists.

Here's the letter obtained by ArtInfo:

Dear Gallerist,

I hope this email finds you well, and we look forward to welcoming you very soon at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

As you may have read or heard, there is the possibility of an Occupy protest taking place in the vicinity of Art Basel Miami Beach and/or its coinciding events.

I wanted you to know that we are monitoring the situation and working closely with local authorities to ensure the show's operations, while at the same time respecting the First Amendment.

Please direct any media inquiries regarding this issue to me.

With best regards,

Dorothee Dines

PR and Media Manager

The Occupy movement in Miami-Dade has been surprisingly low key and peaceful. Though, that's mostly because the protesters are tucked away in Government Center.

Could a more visible protest during one of the county's key cultural events raise tensions? Considering that the Miami Beach Police Department has already had its fair share of controversy this year (drunk ATV cops, Urban Beach week, etc.), and that the one percenters who consider themselves art aficionados may also be slightly more sympathetic to the cause than some of their less-cultured economic peers we hope that whatever protest that may or may not happen remains peaceful.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.