Arrows Going Up

Analysts, former NFL general managers and other people who generally know what the fuck they're talking about, have been giving the Fins the thumbs up on their recent FA moves.

Former Cleveland Browns scout and present ESPN.com analyst Matt Williams said this: ''They've done a tremendous job. They've added guys with their arrow going up.'' Williams was very critical of Miami's signing of J-Peezey last year. This year, he's pointing out the upturned arrows.

Also, former Titans GM Floyd Reese said this about OG Justin Smiley: ''I like him -- tough guy, athletic, strong, very aggressive." And Doug Kretz of ESPN said Smiley is: ''Tenacious and smart."

Floyd also said that DT Randy Starks is ''versatile, big and can play the run." Floyd drafted Starks when he was with Tennessee. Reese also mentioned that Starks can switch to DE in the 3-4 and be very effective in that scheme.

Matt Williamson complimented the Ernest Wilford signing as well: "[Wilford] will be a big, reliable No. 2 receiver." Added Reese: ''He won't juke you as much as overpower you. I'm not sure he was ever completely utilized in Jacksonville. When he's playing against a 5-9, 5-10 corner, there's no comparison.''

So, to re-cap: Salguero can eat a dick. The end. -- Chris Joseph

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