Armesto Watch

With just five weeks left until election day, September 10, Eladio José Armesto may be the busiest guy in town. As the excitable spokesman for Take Back Miami-Dade, which seeks to repeal the county law prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, it's Armesto's job to preach the message to the masses. By many accounts, including his own, he is now a man under siege, a moral crusader battling against forces that would crush lesser mortals. Over the next few weeks, New Times will use this space to highlight scenes from this titanic struggle.

Press release, July 19: "Take Back Miami-Dade condemns the cowardly verbal attacks and threats of physical injury made by Channel 51 talk-show host Ambrosio Hernandez against [Eladio José Armesto]. Hernandez raised his voice and in threatening tone, screamed at Armesto to 'get the f--k out of here.' When Armesto said he would not leave, Hernandez furiously yelled to Armesto to 'go to the parking lot so I can beat you up.' After a station security officer arrived to escort Armesto off the set, Hernandez followed Armesto histerically [sic] and repeatedly shouting 'you are faggot' and 'you are a whore.'"

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