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Armed Robber Jumps Through Checkers Drive Through Window

The rules of burger chain Checkers are simple. Customers can go through the drive-through. Customer can go up to the order window. But under no circumstances are customers actually allowed inside the building. When that happens, like it did last night at the Checkers LeJeune Road between Fourth and Fifth Streets, it usually means trouble.

Because Checkers specializes in that "Oh, it's so greasy I really shouldn't ....but its so cheap and delicious" kind of cuisine most customers are, in some regards, kind of desperate. But a man who showed up at the Checkers around 1:45 a.m. last night was desperate in a different way. He wasn't in need of a quick shake and Big Buford burger. He was in need of cash.

So when the cashier at the drive-through window was getting his party's drinks, the man jumped through the window and demanded that the manager open the safe.

He pulled out a gun, but the manager wasn't authorized to open the safe. Though, the staff tried to follow the gunman's orders.

While the gunman was distracted the cashier jumped out through the window and called police.

The criminal eventually took off with $60 from the register, jumped back in his waiting car, and took off.

[CBS4: Robber Jumps Through Checkers Drive-Thru Window]

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