Arianna Huffington Not So Fond of Rick Sanchez, but Rednecks Love Him

The Miami New Times has a long history of disdain for former WSVN-er Rick Sanchez, but damn it if we're not warming up just a tiny bit to the overly enthusiastic, Twitter obsessed CNN anchor. Now, we don't love him nearly as much as the Red State Update guys in the video above. In fact, we'll probably never love him nearly as much as we now love these Red State Update guys and their Rush Limbaugh jokes. (New favorite web video series, you guys.)

You know who doesn't like Sanchez much though at the moment? Dark Countess of the blogs Arianna Huffington, or whoever it is that writes her blog posts. 

Though, I think we fall into Team HuffPo on this one. She accuses Sanchez of bringing faux-balance to an obviously lopsided debate between the ever sharp Barney Frank and Michelle Bachmann (who probably suffers from what Liz Lemon would call "a sexually transmitted case of crazy mouth"). 

"Another glaring example of the media's addiction to faux balance was on display Wednesday afternoon on CNN. It pains me to say that it was Rick Sanchez, whom I love watching and follow on Twitter, who fell into the phony "balance" trap.

The segment, which Sanchez dubbed "a classic showdown," was a replay from Tuesday's Lou Dobbs show featuring Barney Frank debating Michele Bachmann on her amendment that sought to deny federal funding to any group that has members who have been indicted -- a proposal aimed squarely at ACORN.


To present Barney Frank as the reverse image of Michele Bachmann -- both "vocal" spokespersons for their respective parties, both "reviled" by the other side -- is patently ridiculous."

Arianna makes a decent, if not torally originally, point, but it is absurdly hard to find that one quote that sums it up you can easily excerpt on your blog, so sorry, you'll have to read the whole thing if you actually care. As for us? We'll be watching more Red State Update. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder