Are the Poll Voters Trying to Keep Miami Out of a BCS Bowl?

What's there to say about Miami's win against Virginia? It was nice to see the Canes dominate a conference rival who deserved to be dominated during Homecoming, but otherwise *yawn*. Instead let's bitch about polls and make wild predictions about bowl games!

Those lovely AP voters and the BCS's diabolical computers actually agree on something: Miami is the 12th best team in the nation. Yet, the Canes are 14th overall in the BCS, and that's thanks to both the Coach's Poll and The Harris Interactive Poll (which, we believe, is decided by a bunch of randomly selected men with the first name Harris ...or might as well be), who are voting Miami down at 15th. 

Nothing new there, those poll voters that the BCS rankings pay attention to have been ranking the Canes well below the AP all year, and for the past two weeks have kept the team lower than the computers. What are they trying to do? Deny Randy Shannon an at-large bid to a BCS Bowl game? 

That 14th spot in the BCS is significant though, because it makes the Canes eligible for an at-large bid, and it seems at least one two-loss non-conference champ is going to get one. 

Right now, the media has USC losing the PAC 10, but still making it to a BCS Bowl. What? That mid-sized private school in a major metropolitan area thinks they deserve a BCS bid without winning their division just because they have a couple of championships under their belt ...oh wait (on that subject, is anyone else dying to see a Canes-Trojans game someday?). 

Assuming a Duke win against Georgia Tech isn't in the cards, Miami needs to win out (duh, but maybe we shouldn't even get ahead of ourselves on that), and hope that either Oregon or USC self destruct sending only one PAC 10 team to a BCS Bowl game, or hope Utah beats TCU and count on the bowl committees being more eager to take a two-loss ACC team than a one-loss Mountain West team. 

Otherwise, Miami is projected to either land in the Gator bowl, reigniting a long dormant rivalry against Notre Dame (which honestly, would be more exciting than most of the prospective BCS bowl match ups) or in the Chic-Fil-A against some SEC also-ran. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder