AP Reports Obama Welcomes The University of Florida 'Noles or FSU Gators or Something

The Associated Press will suit Google, Shepard Farley, every blog in existence ever, your mother, God and anyone else who dares link to one of their precious, precious stories. Because you see, you ignorant little fools, the Associated Press is the most trusted, hard working reporting outfit in all of existence, and they will not have you petty, young internet people profit off their always correct, always glistening copy by linking to their stories on your hackneyed, error-filled internet blog diaries. You know, their stories like this:

The Florida State whaaaaa-whos? Did the cash-stricken Florida legislature decide to combine UF and FSU, keeping Florida State's name and Florida's athletic mascot with out anyone noticing? With all the slashing they're doing to education, I wouldn't doubt it.

The mistake would be somewhat understandable, they are in fact from the State of Florida after all, if they bothered mentioning they're from University of Florida.

Countdown to how long it takes for them to correct this. It's already been up for 23 minutes.

In any event, earlier today the AP reported that the "University of Florida gators" are one step closer to being allowed to store the ashes of dead alumni on campus. Horrah!

note: all errors found in the post, are ofcourse, intentional meta-humor.   

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Kyle Munzenrieder