Another Weekend Of Football Hell

Surveying the bleak desert that is football in this town each week is depressing, but Riptide took its Prozac. Outside of some sort of miracle, the Canes may be the only bright spot.

Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots (Sunday, 1 pm on CBS4)

The National Football League is for top tier talent, so it sure is nice of them to still let the Miami Dolphins play. Funny thing, besides the last Super Bowl, the last time the Patriots lost was to Miami in 2006. And besides their one win last season, that game was also the last time Miami claimed victory. Even though the Patriots are Tom Brady-less, they're still one of the best squads in the league, and Miami is still lucky to even be considered a football team.

University of Miami Hurricanes @ Texas A&M Aggies (Saturday, 3:30 pm on Local 10)

When the teams met last year it was one of the most decisive and morale-boosting wins of the season for the Canes. So far the results of their first two games seemed predetermined (everyone knew they'd beat whatever team that was they played in the open, and loose to the Gators), but this game is still something of a question mark. Football fortune teller have Miami with the slight advantage, so hopefully they'll be able to end the game with some declarative punctuation.

USF Bulls @ FIU Golden Panthers (Saturday, 5:00 pm on ESPNU and WINZ 940 AM)

FIU just put the finishing touches on its new on campus stadium. They don't have the luxury of playing a pushover like the Canes did when they debuted in Dolphins Stadium. The Golden Panthers will be taking on the the Twelfth ranked Bulls (yes we live in a time when the Canes are unranked, and USF is number 12).

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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