TS Paloma.
TS Paloma.
TS Paloma.

Another Goddamn Hurricane?

The World Series is history, President-elect Barack Obama is waiting in the wings, a blizzard is blowing into North Dakota -- aren't we supposed to be about done with this hurricane business?

Yeah, yeah, it's still technically hurricane season, blah blah blah. This summer's just been so quiet in Miami that it was a bit of a shock to see jolly Al Roker bouncing around the telly this morning, pointing at the Gulf's newest arrival: Paloma.

She's still just a tropical storm, but Paloma is hanging out over warm water and is expected to intensify into a Cat 1 or 2 before hitting Cuba this weekend.

Paloma is not projected to hit Florida, but it's hard not to think of another bitch that rolled through at this time a couple of years ago.

-- Tim Elfrink


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