Anorexia: The Next Frontier for Satire! is graced with slick aqua-colored accents, lots of sexy people in crisp white outfits, and helpful tourist information on hotels, restaurants, and clubs. It all looks pretty good -- until you scroll down to the article titled "The Anorexic's Guide to South Beach." The article, written by Casey Gillespie, claims to be "tounge-in-cheek."

Here's an excerpt:

No anorexic vacation would be complete without a fitness go-to guide. It is South Beach and being skinny isn’t enough—you must be toned and defined as well. Luckily, SoBe is chock full of places to exercise. Grab a day pass at Equinox (520 Collins Avenue) for a calorie-burning spinning or power yoga classes. Miami Fitness Bootcamp is also an incredible way to run, jump, climb and sweat yourself a size smaller.

Gosh, why stop there? Why didn't post some photos of an emaciated Nicole Richie, or maybe some links to a few pro-ana websites?

Not to be a fun-stealing feminist, but with all the women with obvious eating disorders in this city, is this article really in good taste? Do Miami women really need another nudge toward unhealthy eating habits? --Tamara Lush

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