Animal Activists Looking to Recall a County Commissioner Will Pick a Name Out of a Hat

A group of animal rights activists want to send a big message to the Miami-Dade County Commission for not passing an animal welfare plan. They plan on recalling one of the commissioners who voted against the plan. They're just not sure which one, so they are literally going to put the names in the hat and pick one.

Wow, sounds like a completely rational and sound political strategy.

Update: They picked vice-chairwoman Lynda Bell's name out of the hat. Coincidentally she happens to be one of the county's most right-wing commissioners.

The Pets' Trust drew up an animal welfare plan that would include a no-kill shelter. They put the plan on the ballot as a non-binding question to voters, and it passed 65 percent. But the county commission then voted eight to five not to fully fund the measure.

So now, according to the Miami Herald, they'll put the names of the commissioners in a hat and decide which one to run a recall election against. The commissioners at risk: Chairwoman Rebeca Sosa, Vice Chairwoman Lynda Bell, Bruno Barreiro, Esteban "Steve" Bovo, Jose "Pepe" Diaz, Javier Souto, Xavier Suarez and Juan C. Zapata.

Seems like targeting a commissioner who might already be vulnerable to send a message might be a smarter plan, but the group is going to leave that to chance. They'll pick the name out of a hat during a press conference later today.

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