Angry Mohawked Pennsylvanian Charged With Assaulting Miami Airport Employees

Lost luggage? Overpriced beers? Another canceled flight back to Pittsburgh?

It's not clear what exactly set off Michael John Jones at Miami International Airport yesterday, but damn if the Pennsylvania native wasn't angry about something.

A little after 2 a.m., the 44-year-old went nuts on two MIA employees in Concourse H, police say.

Jones started the fracas by throwing a luggage cart at one of the men and then punching him in the face, according to an arrest report. The other man ran for safety and called the cops.

When the first officer arrived, Jones refused to lie on the ground. The officer pulled out his Taser and tried to zap the man -- whose fists were clenched menacingly, the report says -- but the stun gun didn't work.

Jones slugged the officer in the face, and the cop fought back, hitting him twice in the face and finally subduing him, according to the report.

Jones, who lists Export, Pennsylvania, as his hometown and has tattoos on his knuckles to go with his Mohawk, was zapped three more times on the way into the station, police say.

Jones faces counts of battery on a law enforcement officer, simple battery, simple assault, and resisting arrest with violence. He's being held in a Miami jail for now.

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