Angry Florida Woman Arrested for Stealing Boyfriend's Fake Teeth
Illustration by Alvaro Diaz-Rubio

Angry Florida Woman Arrested for Stealing Boyfriend's Fake Teeth

A lot of weird things happen in Florida every week. On Fridays, we're here to bring you the weirdest. This week: a woman who stole her sweetie's sweet tooth, a car thief who apparently wanted to speed up the judicial process, and a woman afraid of Arabic numbers. 

Angry Florida Woman Arrested for Stealing Boyfriend's Fake Teeth

Florida Woman Steals Boyfriend's Fake Teeth
True love is a fickle beast, especially in Florida. One day, you find a good woman to love you despite your mouth full of fake teeth; the next, you piss her off and she's stealing those fake teeth right out from under you

Last week, Felicity Leigh Palma, 44, of Port St. Lucie, called police to report that two men were running from her home with stolen goods. She claimed jewelry and money had been taken, and when police arrived, Palma's boyfriend added that some of his prescription medication and a case holding his fake teeth had also been nabbed. 

While searching the house, Palma's boyfriend emptied a bag from her car in front of officers and, lo and behold, his teeth rolled right out. Palma got angry and said the boyfriend was trying to frame her. Then officers found the boyfriend's missing pills in her purse. Palma then tried to explain that she made the whole robbery up to teach her boyfriend a lesson about how easily he could be robbed. Eventually, she admitted she was just pissed at her boyfriend and wanted to get back at him some way. We're still not really sure how calling the police to investigate a robbery you committed teaches anyone else but you a lesson, but, sure, OK.

Angry Florida Woman Arrested for Stealing Boyfriend's Fake Teeth

Police Pursuit Ends in Prison Lake
Usually, car thieves wind up in prison eventually. Thernisha Lewis apparently just wanted to speed up the process. Deputies received reports of a stolen BMW in Gainesville and found a car matching the description parked in a median. An officer pulled a police cruiser behind the parked car when Lewis, behind the wheel of the stolen car, took off. She led the officer on a short chase and ended up turning on a road that happened to be the main entrance of a state prison complex

Now in front of the prison, Lewis managed to steer the vehicle into a lake. She was unable to get the car out of the lake and it began sinking into mud, so she hopped up and stood on the trunk and roof of the car. Officers had to wade into the water to arrest her. Instead of being taken directly to jail, Lewis was taken to a hospital first. Naturally, she punched a nurse in the eye while there. 

Florida Mom Complains About Her Children Being Taught Arabic Numerals 
Islam is the world's second-largest religion, so one wouldn't be that surprised to find that it comes up in a basic world history class. At least, you wouldn't think anyone would be surprised. Well, one Florida mom found out that her son's textbook had an entire chapter dedicated to the history of Islamic culture and the Middle East and freaked out in the now-viral rant above. Apparently, she's concerned that the history of an entire major world region is being taught in a world history class. 

In one instance, she even points out that the children are being taught how to write Arabic numerals — which, in case you aren't aware, are better known as 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.

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