Angry Florida Man in a Mercedes Pulls a Gun at McDonald's Drive-Thru, Gets Arrested

Remember back in May when a Florida man was arrested for pulling out a gun in order to cut in the drive-thru line at a McDonald's? Yeah, well apparently John Widmann III didn't get the memo that brandishing a firearm at a fast-food restaurant is a quick recipe for arrest. He finds himself behind bars after going berserk at a Sarasota Mickey D's.

Widmann, 56, pulled into the drive-thru at McDonald's at 3828 Bee Ridge Rd. in Sarasota Friday afternoon in his white Mercedes-Benz (apparently an appreciation for fine cars and fine cuisine do not go hand in hand).

According to the press release from the local sheriff's office, he didn't like the way a driver in a brown car pulled into the drive-thru line. So Widmann allegedly pulled out his .38-caliber revolver and pointed it at the man. He threatened to kill him and also pointed the gun at restaurant employees. There was a group of kids nearby when Widmann brandished his weapon.

The staff called 911, and police later found Widmann driving his car and pulled him over. The gun and ammunition were discovered in his front seat. He was arrested on charges of aggravated assault and improper display of a firearm.

Widmann's arrest is eerily similar to that of James Lee Cruz, 58, of West Palm Beach. He pulled a gun on a car of three women in order to cut them in the line.

What in hell is it with 50-something Florida dudes going gun crazy when they have to wait a few more minutes for their fries? Dudes, McDonald's food might be worth doing a little extra time on the treadmill, but in no way is it worth doing time in the pokey. Either pack your own lunch for the day, or deal with your anger issues. Those McNuggets aren't that good.

Not even the Hamburglar resorts to pulling out a gun (and he has the cunning to at least wear a mask).

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