Andre Pierre Video: Opponent's Supporter Yells Racial Slurs At North Miami Mayor's Wife

When North Miami Mayor Andre Pierre's wife spotted a man stealing campaign signs off their front lawn this weekend, she hopped into her car and followed him. A few blocks later, when Bernadette Pierre pulled alongside his Jeep, 65-year-old David Leven hollered racist, sexist slurs at her -- apparently not realizing she was filming the whole encounter.

The Reid Report has the full story as Pierre's opponent, Carol Keys, now claims the man doesn't work for her and was just an "enthusiastic supporter."

Joy-Ann Reid reports the confrontation took place Sunday morning and that Bernadette Pierre filed a police report afterward.

On tape, Leven clearly calls her a "nigger," "bitch" and "cunt" before driving away. The insults were too threatening not to report, she says.

"We didn't want it to be an issue as if we were complaining, and I know people say toughen up, this is what happens in campaigns, but this one clearly went above and beyond what is acceptable in terms of campaigning," Andre Pierre tells Reid.

Leven filed his own report, claiming that Pierre was "stalking" him, but Reid writes that his claims with police seem to be riddled with inconsistencies -- especially given the video evidence.

Update: Youtube pulled the video for "hate speech" -- which seems odd, since it's clearly shaming someone for using hate speech, not promoting it.

Anyway, Reid has uploaded another copy to Vimeo. Here you go:

Angry man calls N. Miami mayor's wife the n-word and c-word from Joy Reid on Vimeo.

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