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Anderson Cooper's Miami Boy Toy May Be On Real World

So, we started this new category on Riptide called "Reality Bites" with the intent of generating tons of easy content about local boys and girl who get caught up in the dangerous world of Reality TeeVee. Then nothing happened. Sure, bimbotron pop group Las Caprice is still on MTV's America's Top Pop Group, but I really can not put myself through watching an entire season of that.

Then Gawker sent out a little gift from heaven. Not only may Miami lad JD Ordenez, 22, be on the next edition of the grandfather of all reality shows Real World, but he's also rumored to be the ex-boyfriend of CNN anchor and glass closet resident Anderson Cooper.

In fact, Gawker just received a tip that Ordenez drunkenly confirmed his relationship with Cooper at Buck 15:

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Just read your article on the dolphin trainer said to be Anderson's ex boy toy and I wanted to confirm that it's true. I'm from Miami and was actually at the club Buck 15 when I met J.D. He drunkenly informed me who his boyfriend was and when I didn't believe him he showed me pictures from his camera phone with Anderson and some dolphins...this was around the beginning of June...just wanted to give you a head's up!

(By the by Folks, it's so much easier to send your local gossip to us, instead of fancy website in New York City. It takes less time traveling through the email tubes. Really.)

When Ordenez is not doing important reality television things or reminiscing about having pulled The Coop's grey locks in the throws of passion, Gawker reports he enjoys dolphin training, not offending his Mormon roommate with any in-your-face homo-gayness, and going to doucehbag clubs in Manhattan.

The next season of Real World is set in Brooklyn, and is set to air in early 2009.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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