Americans Think Miami is Only the Third Most Decadent City

If Miami does not have its glam and vice, than really what else is there? Yes, yes, we're actually a complicated, cultured city but don't tell the rest of America that. Our entire tourism industrial complex is based on the the rest of America thinking we're a shallow, glamorous, sun drenched stretch of sand where sin and decadence run free. Though, according to a new Vanity Fair and 60 Minutes poll, American consider Miami to only be the third most decadent city. 

Vanity Fair and 60 Minutes have fondness for occasionally teaming up and commissioning a poll made up of random questions. The latest go about has found that half of Republicans don't actually know what GOP stands for, and that Americans trust journalists more than politicians by a wide margin (you like us, you really like us?). 

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The poll also asked, "Which of the following cities do you think is the most decadent?" Miami came in a distant third in a tie with New Orleans. We're basically the Michele Bachmann of decadence right now. 

As Wikipedia

puts it,

"the word 'decadent' is often used to describe corrosive decline due to an erosion of moral, ethical, and sexual traditions."

I suppose that "erosion" would imply that we had any morals, ethics and sexual prudishness to begin with. Eh, well, maybe that giant planned Casino will help bump us up past New York eventually. 

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