American Beauty Director Sam Mendes Directs... New iPhone 4 Ad?

For those of you who haven't heard about the new iPhone 4 yet (hiding under a rock?), it's pretty big. And Apple's trying to up the ante by hiring big shot movie director Sam Mendes (of

Revolutionary Road


American Beauty

fame) to direct their new Ad.

No, there's no falling rose petals in this one -- and definitely no Leo DiCaprio cameos -- but it's just as good. Guided by Louis Armstrong's "When You're Smiling," we journey through the emotional telling of "FaceTime," a feature on the new phone that promises iPhone Video Chatting, and not in a creepy, Chat Roulette kind of way.

We see a baby's first crawl, a graduation, a woman trying on outfits for an opinion from her friend, and a woman getting a sonogram and showing her husband in the military. As if all of that weren't enough emotional fodder to make you want to snag the new iPhone, there's a cliffhanger: We later find out that said military man is in fact deaf, and uses this video chat capability to be able to communicate with his wife overseas. Aww.

Keep in mind, that's only possible between two iPhones that are both using WiFi. You can pre-order the iPhone 4 starting on June 15, and it officially comes out on June 24.

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