Always First in 'Charlie Crist is Gay' Humor

Well damn it. There I was sitting in the press pool with all these very important political journalists, I held back on one or two jokes during today's live blog. Afterall, other journalists were greeting me with "How, was the flight in?" I couldn't respond with, "actually I just drove over here to make jokes during this very important town hall meeting on a blog." Here were all these other journalists checking Sayfie Review over and over again (umm, seriously guys? It is only update once a day). And here I was checking Wonkette.

That couldn't stop me from being the first person ever to report that your President Barack Obama made a comment that could slightly be interuperted in a way that is funny, because their happens to be various rumors that your Governor Charlie Crist might be a homosexual.

12:14 - "Everybody needs to grab a hose, and that's what Charlie Crist

is doing." - President Obama. Did you just make a gay joke?

Now this tiny little "haha" is on the Huffington Post (with video, for you to play over and over and over again). Yes, the very same Huffington Post that sent a journalist to that press conference last night who was called apon by the President.

Never again will I hold back any sort of joke. If the HuffPo can make Charlie Crist is gay jokes, and still send journalists to very important press function, I see no reason not to. Never again will I worry about cheapining the more serious efforts of either myself or other riptide contributers. This is the brave new frontier of journalism ...or something like it (Dear God, help us). 

But still, folks, lets not forget who was first in this juvenile humor scoop. That's right, Riptide. 

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