Alton Road Flyover Closes at 9 Tonight for a Month

If you're a Miami Beach resident who, say, has a job on the mainland, coming home from work tonight will be the last time you can use the flyover that connects the MacArthur Causeway to Alton Road for about a month. As part of the Alton Road reconstruction project, the Florida Department of Transportation is closing it down until mid-August.

The base of the bridge will be reconstructed and new guardrails will be installed. The project is planned for 30 days, but you know how these things go. There's no guaranteed exact timeframe.

Drivers will have to take Fifth Street and then turn into a neighborhood street if they're headed north from the Causeway.

You can also take the Julia Tuttle Causeway or shell out everyday for the Venetian. Or just commute by kayak or something.

South Beach residents are irked.

"Every day I need to take this bridge, so it's going to be hard," Arnaud Sursock told WSVN. "I will take 15 minutes more to go to work every morning now."

You guys live on South Beach, though. So the rest of us aren't going to feel too bad for you. At least you don't have to take the Palmetto home every day.

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Kyle Munzenrieder