Also-Ran Senate Candidate on Swine Flu: "Implement Thorough and Frequent Hand-Washing Techniques"

Riptide doesn't take to kindly to someone piggy backing on an important issue by issuing a press release to pimp your wares. In this case the wares in question are the political skills of Republican senate candidate Dr. Marion Thorpe.

Thorpe is a real MD and previously served as the state's chief medical officer. His candidacy is considered the longest of long shots, especially considering he ran for congress last year against Alcee Hastings and lost spectacularly. Still, though with all this swine flu going on, his medical knowledge might give him a leg up.

So, he released this press release which reminds us of these three important points:

  • "I am compelled to inform Floridians and Americans that

    general guidelines for Swine Flu prevention should be followed until

    more is known about the transmission mechanism of this flu strain."

  • "Additionally, Team Thorpe directs all Floridians and

    Americans to the Centers for Disease Control website ( http://www.cdc.gov/swineflu/)

    for a comprehensive and up-to-date analysis of disease prevention,

    outbreak analysis, and emergency response protocols."

  • "As a matter of common sense and good hygiene, it is imperative to

    implement thorough and frequent hand-washing techniques, avoid touching

    your eyes, nose or mouth as germs are spread in this manner, and be sure

    to cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when coughing and/or sneezing."

So, um, let's get this straight: follow general guidelines, keep aware of any swine flue updates, and wash your hands. Thanks Dr. Thorpe, with out your press release we would have never through of any of this before.

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Kyle Munzenrieder