Alonzo Mourning Speaks (Very Briefly) on Heat Repeat and Money Owed to Miami-Dade County

This week has been a big one for Miami. President Obama and Marc Anthony tag-teamed the Jackie Gleason Theater at the Fillmore; the Heat took a much-deserved victory lap around downtown; and someone from the team finally granted New Times an interview. Well, kind of.

We caught Alonzo Mourning on the way out of Obama's Tuesday night fundraiser. Here's what he said about the chances of a Heat repeat next year, whether any players will be sold, and why the team hasn't paid the county millions of dollars in rent on the AA Arena.

We feel for Mourning. It's no easy thing to be crushed by a horde of strangers wanting to take a photo with you, even if that horde is a politically like-minded one. So we weren't surprised when 'Zo tried to avoid us as if we were Dennis Rodman in a wedding dress.

New Times: Alonzo, what do you think the chances are for a Heat repeat next season?

Mourning: "I think the chances are great."

(Crickets chirping. Bums snoring. Obama protesters still shouting nonsensical dirty laundry metaphors into the night sky.)

New Times (trying different tactic on the Heat's vice president of player development): OK ... Do you guys think you'll keep everyone on the team for next year?

Mourning: '"I think so."

(Again. Dead silence.)

New Times: What about all the money the team owes Miami-Dade County under the stadium agreement? Do you think the Heat should have to pay that money back now that you guys are champions?

Mourning: "Nah. I think you've got to ask the owner of the Heat. I'm not an owner of the Heat. I just work for them. You've got to ask them."

And then he lumbered off into the crowd. Alonzo Mourning: rebounding king, Obama supporter, and interview-dodger supreme.

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