Allen West Says "It's Just a Matter of Time" Before Gays "Break Down the Military"

In another public reaffirmation of his belief that gay people are going to make America lose wars, Florida Republican Congressman Allen West said at a dinner in Plant City Saturday night that "when you take the military and you tell it they must conform to the individual's behavior, then it's just a matter of time until you break down the military," according to the Tampa Tribune.

He also said that the repeal of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy was nothing like the integration of the U.S. military after World War II.

"Let me explain something to you," he said. "I can't change my color. People can change their behavior."

The statement is a rehash of one he made to the Heritage Foundation in May, in which he said the military should not be made to accommodate the demands of "a very small special interest group."

West has never been shy about his opposition to the repeal, which will take effect in September. He has also never been particularly eloquent about it.

When confronted at an October 2010 town hall with a question about a gay officer who came home from overseas as a double amputee, West responded with a string of non-sequiturs that suggested the injured soldier was evidence that gays in the military were serving our nation just fine. He also that during his tenure in the Army he "fined people for not having the proper haircut" and that "you can go to military prison for 18 months for committing adultery," while avoiding the question of what being a homosexual actually has to do with combat readiness.

"The mission of the military is not to accommodate sexual behavior," West said. "Let me tell you something about me as a heterosexual in the military. I couldn't even walk in my uniform holding my wife's hand unless it was an official formal ceremony."

To review: Sexuality doesn't have much to do with military service. Heterosexuals can only hold hands at official ceremonies; homosexuals can't hold hands anywhere. If gays were allowed to hold hands at official ceremonies, the terrorists would win.

(In case you're interested, West was wrong about adultery penalty, unless Article 134(e) of the Manual for Courts Martial is just another dirty piece of liberal propaganda.)

This is far from the first time West decried repeal and never got around to explaining why. During hearings about the implementation of the DADT repeal, he spent several minutes asking some of the nation's highest ranking servicemen if the Marine Corps still did physical fitness tests and if he was still too short to be in the Third Infantry Regiment, all in an attempt to construct an intricately set-up argument that never materialized. These were the same hearings in which those same commanders said that so far, everything about the transition was going quite swimmingly.

There's no questioning West's military knowledge -- he served in the Army for more than 20 years and became a battalion commander, which he frequently reminds people about. But how long do the words "I served in the military" get to take the place of real answers?

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