Joebama. Obiden. BamBi. Pick your favorite.

All The Real News Happens Before The Convention

Nothing all that newsworthy actually happens during the self-praise fests that have become the political conventions. So little news, in fact, that the Herald's poor Beth Reinhard is stuck in Denver covering the very important issue of which hotels the Florida delegates are staying at, probably trying not to pull her hair out from boredom. All the actually important news happened this weekend.

For one, hey did you hear? Obama picked Sen. Joe Biden as his running mate. Biden has some things Obama doesn't: experience, foreign relations cred, and a well carved out spot in the ideological center of the Democratic party. Sorry if we got the hopes up of any Clintonites or Sen. Nelson supporters (if there were any).

The other semi-big, but not actually all the meaningful news is that Florida delegates get full voting rights at the convention after all. This resolves the frustrating political infight that left both the DNC and Florida officials looking stubborn and stupid. Though, it doesn't make up for screwing Florida voters out of getting their babies kissed by potential Presidents and the other dog-and-pony-show stuff that comes along with actual campaigning. I mean, can you believe we had to go through all of this trouble of looking up candidates positions online or reading about them in a newspaper to decide who we were going to vote for instead of pledging our allegiance to whichever candidate we saw eating at Versailles or had the firmest hand shake?

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--Kyle Munzenrieder

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