All Six Hundred Marlins Fans Turn Out For Wednesday Afternoon Game

So Miami, we need to have a little talk. See, there's this major league baseball team in town. Yes, right here in Miami. They're called the Marlins. They have uniforms and play other major league baseball teams and even have a couple of All Stars hanging around. In fact, they were in the hunt to make the playoffs until they forgot how to win in August.

Anyway, it really hurts the Marlins feelings when they have a game and only 600 fans show up.

OK, so it was hot and they were playing the Braves, who suck this year, and they don't really have a baseball stadium.

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But if you can't draw more than 600 people to a major league baseball game, it might be time to consider whether you're actually a baseball kind of town at all. Is that what you want, Miami? To be the next Montreal? Sacrebleu!

-- Tim Elfrink

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