Alex Sink Wants You to Know She Is Not Secretly Barack Obama

Anyone out there confusing Alex Sink, the white lady with the slight Southern twang who's running for governor of Florida, with Barack Obama, the African-American man with a powerful speaking voice who's running the country? Apparently Sink is worried that her opponent, Rick Scott, might be confused that the two are actually distinctly separate individuals and has bought a new TV ad to let him, and everyone else, know.

Here's Sink's latest ad titled "Difference", paid for by the state Democratic Party:

Sink attacks Scott for continually bringing unrelated national issues into the race, such as his recent ad viciously titled "Obama's Mosque."

What strikes us more, though, is that it appears Sink is slyly trying to separate herself from Obama. The ad is titled "Difference," which at face value means the difference between Scott and Sink, but there's the undertone that she's also trying to differentiate herself from Obama and the national Democratic Party. When Obama was in town this summer to coheadline a fundraiser in Miami Beach with Sink, she made sure she was not publicly seen with the president.

She's not bashing the president either, but unlike the Democratic candidate in the Senate race, Kendrick Meek, who is facing a whole other set of electoral mathematics, she's certainly not lining up to have her name attached to the president's.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.