Alex Sink Wants to Give You Balls for Her Birthday

Happy Birthday to CFO and gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink. She is 61 years young today. What kind of birthday present do you get a politician? Why a campaign donation of course, but Alex's party has gift bags. Anyone who donated $20.10 (get it?) by he end of the weekend gets this colorful Alex Sink for Governor beach ball. But wait! There's more!

If you donate $65 today Sink will personally autograph the ball for you. 

But as an extra bonus the Sink campaign is offering one heart warming childhood story at no extra charge: 

We didn't have many vacations. But every summer, my mom and dad took us to the beach. It was the highlight of our year - something to look forward to all year long. 

In anticipation of our summer beach trip, every year my parents would give me a brand new beach ball on my birthday. It was a simple tradition, but one that still makes me smile.

So folksy, this Alex Sink is.

Bill McCollum's birthday is coming up on July 12. It's the big 6-5. What should he give as favors? Maybe cigars to celebrate his role as a House manager during the Clinton impeachment. 

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