Alex Sink Recruits BP Critic, Clinton Consultant James Carville For Governor Race

Alex Sink is pulling out the big guns for her flailing gubernatorial campaign: swampthing James Carville.

While her campaign has seesawed from bad  to "who's that?" since it kicked off, things have recently taken a turn for the worse. In this month's Quinnipiac poll, she trails both her Republican opponents by at least ten points.

This, even as one of them, Bill McCollum, is saddled by his association with the George Rekers scandal that New Times uncovered last month. And in the netroots race,  McCollum is beating her by 100 twitter followers, as accurate a barometer of modern political popularity as a Gallup poll.

But, Sink has recruited the boogeyman of the South, Ragin Cajun™ Carville, to stump on her behalf. Carville, the former face of CNN's Crossfire, and a political consultant of Bill and Hillary Clinton's, has been ubiquitous on television lately criticizing Barack Obama's response at the Gulf oil spill.

In a new Sink campaign e-mail, however, he says it's Florida's CFO who's handled the crisis the best.

As oil hovered just miles away and tar balls started washing up on Pensacola beaches last week, BP's CEO wasn't there to help. Do you know who was? Alex Sink. Alex called for the government to take over from BP weeks ago because she knew what a mess this would be.

And then Carville asks for campaign contributions since "polls are showing Alex and her opponents in a dead heat," surely a stretch of the truth of Clintonian proportions.

The e-mail went out Tuesday afternoon. Joy-Ann Reid has posted it in its entirety at her blog

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