Alan Grayson For President in 2012 Movement Exists

According to a recent survey of "Washington Insiders," South Florida's Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the house member with the brightest political future (as in prepare for Speaker Wasserman Schultz someday), but a group of net-roots liberal wackos with internet access have found a hero in another Florida congressman: Alan Grayson. They want him to run for president. No, not just eventually after a few years of gaining experience on the hill. Not in 2016 after Obama has a chance to run for re-election. No, they want him to run in a primary against Obama in 2012, because they are crazy.

See apparently Obama isn't the socialist savior they were promised. Some are even calling him Bush-lite. But that's what happens when you elect a guy who has only spent four year on the national level and is most famous for a few speeches; you're not really sure what you're going to get. So their answer: a Florida congressman who's hasn't even logged a year yet on the Hill, and is most famous for saying Republicans want us to "die quickly" and telling Dick Cheney to "STFU."

So, there are some that a
ctually want this to literally happen, and there are others who just want the threat of a Grayson candidacy to make Obama move to the left.

From 3Quarks Daily
"Look at it this way: in a race against Grayson, Obama is going to have to give an account of his first-term actions, and explain why he enabled Wall Street to continue screwing Main Street ...He could scare Obama a few steps to the left, which might result in a few progressive moves in Obama's second term."

Or as a blogger from Daily Kos puts it:

"What do we have to gain by Alan Grayson running? At the very least, an incredible amount of pressure on Obama to stop pandering to the criminal thugs in the GOP and come back to his base. 
 What do we have to lose? Nothing"
Of course, that would be a lot more effective if more than five people wanted to see Alan Grayson actually be president.

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Kyle Munzenrieder