Alan Grayson Accuses Michele Bachmann of "Weapons of Mass Distraction"

Ah, last night Florida's hot liberal mess (who is actually, relatively not that liberal at all) Rep. Alan Grayson took on noted Conservative gaffe machine Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota on CNN's Larry King Live. Unfortunately, for those of us who follow politics like the WWE, it did not break out into a screaming match. But each brought their trademark finishing moves to the table. Bachmann jumped on a conservative conspiracy theory, while Grayson retorted with zingers.

See, yesterday President Obama nominated Scott M. Matheson Jr. to the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. He was a US Attorney under Bill Clinton and was the dean of the University of Utah's law school. Even Republican Senator Orrin Hatch thinks he's more than qualified.

Potential problem is Matheson's brother Jim Matheson is a congressman from Utah who is undecided on health care reform, so Bachmann thinks this represents corruption.

Grayson said Bachmann was dealing in "Weapons of Mass Distraction," trying to change the topic of health care.

"Corruption is a very real issue. We need an independent investigation," retorted Bachmann.

Though, the real impasse on health care is in the Senate, and it doesn't seem like the lone vote of a single moderate democrat congressman from Utah is really going to be the decision maker here, and I'm sure the White House knows that.

Of course, this kind of maneuvering, if this is indeed what's happening, is old as Washington DC itself. If we launch an independent investigation into Quid Pro Quo 80 percent of that town would be grilled.

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Kyle Munzenrieder