Al Golden is Mad As Hell at the NCAA And He's Not Going to Take It Anymore

Following a mediocre signing days for the 'Canes, University of Miami Hurricanes Coach Al Golden decided to tell the NCAA how he really feels. 

The coach, now preparing for his third season at the school, was hired by the program without being informed of the looming Nevin Shapiro sanctions. Today he lashed out at the NCAA for dragging their feet on the investigation. 

"How can anybody say it hasn't impacted every one of us in the organization or our families, the coaches' families, the strength coaches or the trainers or the players? I don't think you can measure," Golden said according to the AP. "This, the life span of a college coach or a college student-athlete is so small, to have bowls taken away from you or practice opportunities reduced or championship games basically deleted, that is a huge penalty. I don't know how you measure that."

Golden also says he's heard other coaches have tried to steer players away from UM by bringing up the threat of sanctions. 

Golden is also said to have held back as many as six scholarships this year in anticipation of the NCAA's ruling. 

Though, your guess is as good as ours as to when those sanctions will actually be doled out. The NCAA admitted screwing up the investigation, and is now doing an investigation of its own. Once that's cleared up, the body will deliver its notice of allegations to the school. Even after that, it could be months before the program leans its fate. In the meantime, the team has now passed up the opportunity to play in a total of three post-season games and has held back scholarships. 

Though, Golden's wife Kelley has a more positive outlook on the matter. 

"We were meant to be here," Kelly Golden, told the AP. "Regardless of how it happened, what was said or not said, we need to be here right now. He needs to be here. Not sure who else could weather this storm the way he has. It was for a reason."

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Kyle Munzenrieder