After Heat Loss, Hollywood Bar Pays $4000 in Bar Tabs, Extends Promotion for Entire Season

Yesterday, we told you that Hollywood's Whiskey Tango All-American Bar & Grill would pick up patrons' bar tab, up to $25, when/if the Heat suffered their first loss.

Well, that was quick. 164 people showed up a half hour before last night's game against the Boston Celtics in order to sign up for the gamble, owner John Todora tells us today. Two strange souls left early. So after the Holy Trinity screwed the pooch last night, 162 drinkers had their tabs comped. Assuming they all maxed out the $25 limit -- and who wouldn't drink heavily while watching that game? -- the bar picked up $4,000 in drinks.

In response to the publicity drummed up by the promotion, the bar is extending it for the rest of the season. We think we're going to have to draw up a boozer's schedule picking out the surest bets for free drinks. For now, Friday -- when the Heat take on Orlando -- might be a good night to make the trek to Hollywood. You'll probably want to hit the bar before Dwyane Wade is a hundred percent healthy again.

We were wondering how the bar can afford such a gimmick. Then we remembered that clubs make crack cocaine-esque profit margins on alcohol.

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Gus Garcia-Roberts