Adulterer Newt Gingrich Hopes Bible Thumpers Help Him in Florida

Will Florida's Evangelical voters line up behind a thrice-divorced serial adulterer with, reportedly, a thing for open marriages? Newt Gingrich's campaign sure thinks so, and hopes that Mitt Romney's flip-floppy past on things like gay marriage and abortion seals the deal with values voters. 

So, uh, Evangelicals would rather vote for a man who clearly has a vast history of messy personal values just because he's more likely to impose his social values on others? Oh, boy. 

No recent Florida polls have been released in the past few days, but polling in both South Carolina and nationally suggests that Gingrich is once again closing the gap with Romney. So Gingrich is hard at work, as the AP reports, assembling a "network of religious activists" in Florida. His evangelical supporters will lead a conference call with more than 1,000 pastors through out the state in the coming days, and others are spreading support through churches. 

"The evangelicals are not going to wrap their arms around Romney in this primary or the general election," John Grant, Gingrich's Florida evangelical chairmen, tells the AP. "Gingrich is pulling these people together quite nicely."

Apparently Romney concerns some of these value voters because, whoopsie, he hasn't been nearly as terrible to women and GLBT citizens as he is now. 

The one thing that stands in Gingrich's way is Rick Santorum, he of the "dog marriage" is the same as "gay marriage" fame. Santorum also has impressive amount of Evangelical support, including John Stemberge, the asshat who brought us Florida's constitutional ban on gay marriage and civil unions.

Though the AP reports he's quietly trying to recruit some of Santorum's supporters in the state. 

As for that messy, messy personal past full of pants popping, Grants says, "I wish he didn't have that background, but I honestly believe he's had a real renaissance experience."

Strange how some are so eager to ignore Gingrich's storied past of fucking around while not being able to "forgive" (not that we think anything needs to be forgiven in this case) Romney's past positions on social issues. 

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