Abramoff-Tainted Congressman Tom Feeney Fundraising For Marco Rubio

Based on the latest ominous polls -- not to mention the Tallahassee-area foreclosure reports -- Marco Rubio could use some extra cash in the bank right about now.

But a fundraising email sent out this week is raising some eyebrows out on the campaign trail.

In the email, which is posted in full here by the Tampa Bay Tribune, Rubio supporters are urged to attend a July reception in Orlando by former Florida Congressman Tom Feeney.

Yes, the same Tom Feeney who went on an infamous all-expenses paid golf trip to Scotland with disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff shortly after helping an Abramoff client oppose changes to an Energy Department proposal.

Anyone want to wager on how long it takes a Feeney-Rubio connection to pop up in a Charlie Crist campaign ad?

In the email, which reached supporters' inboxes on Monday, Feeney praises Rubio as "the only candidate for the Senate seat we can count on to FIGHT against extremist left wing leadership in the White House and Congress."

"I can think of no more important single thing any American in Florida can do in 2010 than to help elect Marco Rubio," Feeney writes.

Feeney later repaid the Treasury Department $5,643 to cover the cost of the Abramoff golfing trip.

In part because of his ties to Abramoff, Democrat Suzanne Kosmas beat him for his Orlando-area seat in 2008.

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