Abortion Leads to Destruction of White Culture, Man Testifies Before Florida House

Abortion Leads to Destruction of White Culture, Man Testifies Before Florida House

Despite the fact Roe v. Wade has stood as the law of the land for more than 40 years, a Florida House subcommittee passed a bill this week that would effectively make it a felony to perform an abortion in Florida. The bill passed 8-3, but before taking a vote, the Florida House Criminal Justice Subcommittee heard comments from citizens Monday. One of the men speaking before the subcommittee turned out to be a white supremacist who warned that abortion was leading to the destruction of the white race. 

Oh, boy. 

The man, who has since been identified as Greg Pound, got up to speak, and at first it seemed like he was going to stick to a standard religion-based argument about why abortion should be illegal. Then his argument took an odd racial turn. 

“Do you know the Muslims, they don’t kill the babies," Pound said. "I was sitting in this chamber here when you had that immigration bill come through here, and the Mexicans that were here said, 'Do these people think they live on an island? Do these white people think they're on an island?' These people aren't going to kill their babies. 

“You don’t see us as a culture, as a white culture, pushing this agenda of abortion, women outside the home not having babies, everybody getting more and more and more?” Pound continued. “We’re a sick nation, and if we don’t repent, then the people leading our government, you are legislating morality by the laws you pass.”

After hearing Pound's rambling racist rant in favor of the bill, the subcommittee still passed it. 

The bill will now head to the Justice Appropriations Subcommittee. A Senate version has been introduced but has not been taken up by a committee yet. Even if the bill passed, it would almost certainly set up a legal fight.

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