A Social Media Scavenger Hunt in Miami Rewards Winners With Free Booze and Live Music

Rarely does a social media addiction pay off in a big way. We tweet our favorite celebs and hope for a reply, "like" products and cross our fingers for some freebies, and mention every move we make via Foursquare, hoping that special someone will "follow" us there. But we hardly ever get free booze from our constant internet usage... 'til now.

We all remember drinking Smirnoff Ices when we were younger. Those girl-friendly white beverages always packed a mean punch, and now they're teaming up with Univision Radio to launch a summer concert series that you can only go to if you're in the know with social media.

On August 6, they'll kick off the party seaside at Nikki Beach with Grammy nominated Puerto Rican reggaeton duo Rakim & Ken-Y. We're guessing free flowing Smirnoff Ices will be in the mix, but there's always a catch: You can only get in by winning tickets. Now here's where we test your real

social media prowess: You can only get these free passes by using

Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube regularly.

Resident "TJ" Manu Gabaldon -- that's Twitter Jockey, in layman's terms

-- will be on hand at the party, live-tweeting the event, live-streaming audience

tweets, twit-pics, and fan shots on the big screen. We're not really

sure if that "J" in TJ means she'll be DJing, too, but we'd really like to see her

make a best-of mix tape with drunk show goers' tweets.

Rakim & Ken-Y fans can win free tickets by

participating in trivia pop quizzes on Twitter, use Foursquare

check-ins to mention Smirnoff Ice, or -- if you're feeling particularly

bold -- broadcast your inner "reggaetonero" on Smirnoff Ice's YouTube

Channel or Facebook Fan Page. There is an added bonus to making a fool

of yourself via video, though: You'll be granted VIP entry and passes

to an exclusive concert after party.

But none of this will be

easy. Even after winning said passes via your social media expertise, you'll have to

embark on a social media scavenger hunt to officially redeem your

passes at an undisclosed location in South Beach. We're not really sure

why there's so much hoop jumping for a social media party, but we have

to admit, it does make us want to try just a little bit more.  

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.