A Movie Script Ending: Jason Taylor Returning to the Dolphins

Well, earlier today we wrote about Jason Taylor and the Dolphins flirty romance, and look what happened while we were out to lunch: they slowly embraced, looked deep into each other's eyes, and realized they belonged together! Cue fireworks, soft focus, and the Postal Service's "Such Great Heights!" (The freckles in their eyes perfectly align, I guess.).  It's a fitting end to this little romantic comedy. 

"My heart has always been in Miami and so I'm truly excited to call myself a Dolphin once again," Taylor said in a statement. "I was presented with a number of different opportunities, but in the end the combination of this being the best situation for my family, my love for this community and my tremendous loyalty to a great organization made this an easy decision."

What makes this even more of a sports deal of the heart, is that Taylor agreed to a significant pay cut. He's been pulling down $7 million a year since 2000, but his new one-year deal with the Dolphins is worth only $1.1 million according to ESPN, or $1.5 million according to the Herald. So his decision isn't about money, it's about something more. Well, probably more about being close to his family and staying in the city he's set up his life in than any deep, abiding romance for a soulless sports franchise, but still. 

The other pleasant side-note is that it keeps the six-time pro bowler out of the Patriot's locker room. Which, considering they're the main thing standing in front of us and the playoffs again, would have been quite bitter. 

The only thing that could make this story more RomCom perfect, is if come next year the Dolphins got on bended knee and presented Taylor with a Super Bowl ring. That's probably not going to happen, but then again the Dolphin's recent fact has been stranger than fiction. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder