A Miami Airport Tram Broke Down and One Man Vined It All

The Skytrain at MIA is supposed to make airport travel less hectic for Miamians and visitors alike. Of course, if something goes wrong, they can go very wrong.

One of the system's trams broke down today, leaving passengers inside for over two hours. Luckily author, singer, and life coach Carlos Whittaker was there to document the entire experience on Vine and Twitter to his 31,900-plus followers.

First, Whittaker was told that lightning struck the tracks, causing the tram to come to an abrupt halt and some passengers to fall.

Naturally, after being trapped in the Mover for "half an hour" people started getting testy.

But luckily airport workers eventually climbed in to come to the rescue.

Naturally, though, there was an abuela with a baby Jesus doll on board, so it was a good sign everything might turn out alright.

Eventually, riders had to get out and walk the rest of the line.

But when they got to the concourse, workers weren't quite sure how to get the riders inside.

And Whittaker tried to warn would-be failed tram victims.

Eventually, they were all led down a flight of stairs.

And even after they were safely back inside, riders were still getting testy with each other.

After a two hours, riders were safely back in the airport, but in Whittaker's case, he's now stuck at the airport until 9 p.m., which may be a fate worse than being stuck on a tram for over an hour.

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Kyle Munzenrieder