A Man Auditioned for Miami Heat Dance Squad and Took Internet by Storm

A Man Auditioned for Miami Heat Dance Squad and Took Internet by Storm

It should be of little surprise that the tradition of pretty young women in tight costumes dancing at professional basketball games started right here in Miami. In the late '60s, the ABA's Miami Floridians Ballgirls became national sensations and led the way for similar squads becoming de rigueur among NBA teams. 

So maybe Miami could be home to another basketball dance squad revolution. Perhaps the first coed dance team? That's what 28-year-old Keith Wilson would like to see. He was the only man to show up at the open audition for the Miami Heat's dance squad, and now footage of his audition has gone viral. 

Ironically performing impromptu choreography to Beyoncé's "Who Run the World (Girls)," Wilson had all eyes on him during the audition.

Even ESPN took notice!

According to Local 10, Wilson first auditioned for the Heat in 2012 and hopes to one day make the team. 

“The Heat is actually one of those organizations that’s open to anything, so I’m pretty sure — one day — it’ll happen,” he told the station. Asked about his motivation, he simply added, "Dancing. That’s it. It has no gender; it has no sexuality. It’s just dance. It’s an art.”

As it turns out, however, Wilson didn't make the squad this year, but he still has a gig as a teacher at the Executive Vibes Contemporary Dance Theater, and now he has newfound viral fame to fall back on. 

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