A Horse Named Radiohead Fails to Impress at Florida Derby

There's a band named Radiohead, a band named Horse the Band, another band named Band of Horses, and now there's a horse named Radiohead, after the band. Got it?

Radiohead, like his musical namesake, is from England. A 3-year-old chestnut colt whose trainer says he's a "cool, happy, curious horse" who's "game for an idea."

Radiohead, the horse, was featured prominently in Linda Robertson's Miami Herald column this weekend as a favorite not only to win this Saturday's Florida Derby but also possibly to contend in this year's Kentucky Derby. The article seemed downright "Optimistic" but failed to admit "I Might be Wrong," and now Radiohead's future remains "In Limbo." (Ha! Song title jokes!)

This past Saturday at the Florida Derby at Gulfstream Park, Radiohead gave a Pablo Honey performance when he really needed an OK Computer.

He finished a disappointing ninth.

"I got no idea what went wrong,'' his trainer told ESPN.

There are no plans for his next race now, but he came out of Gulfstream healthy.

For those of you who are Radiohead fans, to put this in perspective:

  • Winning the Kentucky Derby is like topping the Village Voice Pazz+Jop critics poll.
  • Winning the Florida Derby is like getting an 80 or above score on Metacritic.
  • Coming in ninth is like getting a 5.6 on Pitchfork.

Maybe Radiohead the horse should change his name to jj n° 3.

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