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A High Priestess Hits the Mark

I often ignore the ball-busting demands of Fortune cookies. Pursue your wishes aggressively. Ummmm, ok. And online horoscopes are vague and inconsistent. And don’t get me started on a disappointing late night call to a psychic hotline – how long can you expect a girl to ignore Miss Cleo’s “Call me now!”? So I’m no fanatic, but I'm also not a supernatural skeptic; Ghost is one of my favorite movies of all time, okay? So during a particularly interesting interview with Wiccan High Priestess Rev. Sandra Cheryl Richardson of Thirty Two Paths, I couldn’t resist the urge to ask her for a little reading of my own. For the record, this woman didn’t know me from Eve -- not my birthdate, not even my last name -- and the entire interview and reading were all done over the phone.

But she must have done some mystical Google-like search on my spirit, because after just two minutes of the tarot card reading, girlfriend had me in tears. Yes, I cry at Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, but this was different. She told me things about my life that I had never even spoken out loud. I’m employing the birthday-cake-candle-blowout rule for my reading in fear of throwing off my chi, so I will not reveal what she said, but I will give my own Fortune Cookie-like demand to all. Go get a damn tarot card reading. --Raina Mcleod


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