A Feeling of Nothingness

Players, ex-players and recently fired coaches are all reacting to the purge Bill Parcells has wrought upon

the Dolphins.

Perfect Season running back Jim Kiick said it was a good day in Dolphins history,

"The changes had to be made," he said. "I don't think Cam was what they were looking for. He wasn't much of a motivator or a stern coach. I think they need more discipline, and that's what Parcells is looking for."

He then added, "Hurumph! Get off my lawn you damn kids!" (See what I did there? Because Jim Kiick is old.)

Ex-offensive line guru Hudson Houck said Cam did a good job. It was just that the players on the field kinda sucked,

"I thought (Cameron) was pretty well-prepared. Our meetings were no different than some of the Super Bowl teams I've been on," he said. "The only difference was the type of players we had. The other places I've been, we just had better players."

The one coach I didn't want to see go was Hudson Houck. The guy is known for working miracles with offensive lines. And he sure as hell worked some miracles with our crap infested line. The man could do no wrong as far as I'm concerned. Except for that movie where Bruce Willis played him. God that movie sucked 101 different kinds of ass!

As for Jason Taylor,

Taylor avoided any negative sentiments during a Thursday conference call to promote his upcoming work as a playoff analyst for NBC.

"Being 1-15 you realize even before the season was over that there was going to be changes," Taylor said. "It's one of those times as a player that you don't really have control over it."

Wait. JT is going to be a playoff analyst for NBC this weekend? That's the tits! NBC just got upped a few notches in the kick-ass department in my book. FOX is sooo going to get the shit kicked out of them! I can't wait to see that boney ass dipshit Cris Collinsworth (real Chris's put an 'H' in their names, you Kansas City faggot!) talk to JT in that obnoxious patronizing tone he does with everyone else. Just so that we can see JT snap his scrawny neck with his forearm. That'll be awesome.

Anyway, I'm happy for JT. He's living the dream!

I had a dream once where a turd crapped me out. -- Chris Joseph

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