A disappointed open letter to Michelle Spence-Jones

Floridians haven't followed the Marlins this closely since the Gary Sheffield Era, and today, another chapter was written in the saga of the proposed Little Havana stadium.

Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones pretty much played this perfectly, even using a fetus to her advantage. She was on maternity leave when the remaining four Miami commissioners deadlocked on a vote for the stadium, and when she returned, she extorted the team to swing more cash her district's way. Today, she gave her swing vote to the Marlins, and the stadium project has hopped one of its final hurdles. On Monday, it's on to the County Commission, to see what shenanigans those guys have planned.

But Spence-Jones' maneuvering has pissed off at least five constituents from her District, who have written us to publish a disappointed open letter to the Commissioner. We won't burden you with our opinion on this whole over-opinionated boondoggle, but it is tough to argue with this line: "Why should my money be used to build a business that once built I can't afford to attend?"

After listening to arguments on both sides for the Marlins Stadium, I do not see how you,  Commissioner Michelle Spence Jones, voted for the building of this Stadium.

All the arguments against the Stadium were based on the better need of the taxpayers. What was the best deal for the city. What would build the city as a whole.

All the arguments for the Stadium were based on individual needs. "I need to work". "My family is in need". This or that union need to be put back to work.

Every one in the city is not in the union, or in construction, or in the sports business. We understand the hardships of everyone but to charge the masses to reward a few is not good business. Why should my money be used to build a business that once built i can't afford to attend? This is a sad day for Miami but shouldn't come as a surprise because it seems like business as usual.

We can argue about what we need for District 5 but to hear outside communities express the same sentiments it became clear that this was a bad deal. The Commissioner have not shown where we would benefit from this Stadium deal. The benefits were never presented to the community to justify building a stadium.

All the evidence presented from the entire community of Miami showed concrete evidence of this being a bad deal for the City

Your vote did not reflect the voices that were heard in the meeting this morning. It's clear that this is a bad business move for the city and I'm very disappointed in your vote of yes. Hopefully Mrs Edmonson will speak up on our behalf on the county level and vote with the hearts and minds of her community.

O. Ephraim

A. Mackey

T. Gilley

G. Harris

G. Gachelin

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