What, Me Worry?

A Confession from O.J.?

Well, not really, but according to the National Enquirer, notorious Miamian O.J. Simpson is writing a "hypothetical" book in which he will "speculate" about the events of June 12, 1994 — the night Nicole Brown Simpson and friend Ron Goldman were murdered.

"O.J. prefaces these key pages by almost half-heartedly claiming this part of the book is hypothetical," says the Enquirer's source. "But I don't think anyone is going to be convinced of that."

And how much is this pseudo-confession worth? $3.5 million. Working title? If I Did It. I'm not kidding. Unsurprisingly, no publisher is named in the account.

O.J.'s latest publicity offensive comes on the heels of his pay-per-view version of Punk'd, "Juiced," which featured Simpson performing such hilarious practical jokes as trying to sell his old white Bronco. ("In fact, no one is safe because "THE JUICE" is loose...again!" proclaims the INDEMAND site promoting the special.)

Which leads me to wonder: Are we being juiced here? We can only hope so.-Frank Houston

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