Is this where Jim Davis has been hiding?

A Commie in Democrat's Clothing?

30 Seconds of total absurdity: There's an ad running against Jim Davis that accuses him of being a terrorist communist with a "risky home insurance plan," all in the same breath. The accusation is accompanied by a little pop-up picture of Fidel Castro and Yasser Arafat. Which leaves us to wonder, why didn't they throw a picture of Hitler in there? Or Ghengis Khan?

Charlie Crist's people denied authorship, deflecting questions of authorship to the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF). The RPOF didn't return phone calls or e-mails.

If you saw that ad and felt patronized, check out the web site they put out a week before the election —a treasure trove of condescending crap like this: "Say there Fred, did you know that Jim Davis is bad for Guns, Jews and Blacks (in that order)?"

I was surprised to find that Jim Davis wasn't responsible for selling the secrets of the atom to the Soviets. -Calvin Godfrey

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