87-Year-Old Man Planned Ex-Girlfriend's Murder for Months

​Last Friday, we had few details about the bizarre murder that left an 84-year-old woman dead at the hands of an 87-year-old who had also shot himself. Now, Juan Adolfo Gonzalez has been identified as the gunman. He told police he had been plotting the murder of Celina Hernandez, his ex-girlfriend, for months.

Hernandez had apparently tried to break off her relationship with Gonzalez, but he couldn't handle the rejection. He also told police he suspected she had been unfaithful. So he stalked her, following her daily routine for months, until he could identify the best time to pull off the attack.

That time came last Friday shortly before 1 p.m. He grabbed his gun, got into a taxi, and arrived at Hernandez's apartment complex near 9400 W. Flagler St. around the time a special transportation bus dropped her off from a senior dining hall.

Gonzalez confronted his former flame and then fatally shot her twice. He then shot himself twice, but the wounds were not severe. Gonzalez was able to attend a bond hearing yesterday, when he was formally charged with first-degree murder. After recovering in the hospital, he will be held without bail.

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Kyle Munzenrieder