81-Year-Old Hialeah Woman Fights Back Against Armed Robber

One simply does not mess with an 81-year-old Hialeah woman on her way to a taping of Sabado Gigante. If you keep her away from Don Francisco, you will pay a price. One armed robber found out the hard way after trying to rob a trio of abuelas, only to have one of the feisty women fight back.

Yesterday afternoon, three women were backing out of a driveway at 1080 W 46th Street in their car. They were on their way to a taping of Sabado Gigante, but another car sped up and blocked them in the driveway, according to CBS Miami.

The driver of the other vehicle ran up to their car, opened the driver's seat, and  pistol-whipped the woman. The 81-year-old woman in the passenger's seat was not going to stand for that kind of thug crap. So she grabbed the assailant by the shirt and tried to fight him off. The criminal was startled and attempted to shoot the woman. Luckily, he missed and the bullet hit a nearby house.

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He then grabbed a purse and took off.

However, the women weren't going to leave well enough alone. They decided to take off as well to try and find the assailant's car. What exactly they were going to do if they found it, we're not sure, as they never caught up to him. They eventually called police, but the criminal is still on the run.

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