62-Year-Old Woman Arrested in $300,000 Marijuana Grow House Bust

Early this morning, Miami-Dade police escorted 62-year-old Miriam Baydes and $300,000 worth of marijuana out of a Southwest Miami-Dade home.

Police were in the area before 4 a.m. conducting an unrelated investigation according to WSVN, when they smelled a strong oder of marijuana emanating from the home in the in the 14600 block of Southwest 63rd Terrace.

Inside they found 103 marijuana plants growing in a hydroponics lab, as well as a set up that was used to steal electricity. The total amount of marijuana weighed about 88 lbs.

Neighbors say they were shocked, even though they routinely smelled marijuana in the area. No one suspected that the older woman who kept a low profile was running a drug lab.

"I saw a lady, a very nice lady, every afternoon walking her little schnauzer, every afternoon," neighbor Gilda Sacasas told NBC Miami. Though another neighbor told CBS Miami that Baydes used to be a bit more sociable when she first moved into the home about nine years ago, but a few years ago started keeping a lower profile.

Baydes was arrested and charged with one count of armed drug trafficking, one count of renting property for the purpose of trafficking and grand theft. She's being held without bail.

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Kyle Munzenrieder