$600,000 Worth of Cocaine Washes Up on Florida Beach

A lot of weird things happen in Florida every week, and on Fridays we're here to bring you the weirdest. This week: 20 kilos of coke wash up on a beach, a drunk, pants-less woman who crashed into a Waffle House scores a Florida bingo, and two siblings who stole money from a Girl Scout make their grandfather very, very sad. 
20 Kilos of Coke Wash Up on Florida Beach 
This past Monday night, two beachgoers were strolling on the sand near Jupiter Island in Martin County when they came upon a Scarface-worthy discovery. They found bricks wrapped in black packaging and plastic wrap and called authorities. Martin County Sheriff's deputies arrived and determined it was cocaine. 

In fact, it was 20 kilos of cocaine. By the department's estimate, is worth about $600,000 on the street. 

"The fact that we had such a large amount of cocaine wash ashore here in Martin County is a clear indication trafficking routes have not changed and major amounts of coke are still coming to South Florida," Sheriff William Snyder told WESH

Well, yeah. Duh. 

Snyder says it's the largest cocaine find in recent Martin County history. The closest competition was the time in 2010 when ten kilos washed ashore. 

The discovery was also announced in conjunction with the results of a drug sweep of drivers pulled over on I-95. That sweep resulted in 80 arrests and the confiscation of $15,000 in cash, marijuana, heroin, pills, cocaine, and flakka

Pants-less Woman Arrested for DUI After Crashing Into Waffle House 
It's one thing to drive pants-less. It's another to get a DUI. It's certainly quite another to drive your car directly through the wall of a Panhandle Waffle House. Doing all three at the same time? Well, that's a WTF Florida bingo! 

The incident happened in October in Crestview. The 44-year-old woman, who was unnamed by the Northwest Florida Daily News, was trying to park when she lost control and drove her car directly through the wall and windows of the Waffle House. 

A report at the time determined the woman had just come from the Mullet Festival in nearby Niceville. 

After the crash, she tried to flee, but police apprehended her and realized she wasn't wearing any pants. Later, her blood alcohol level was found to be .295. The legal limit in Florida is .08. 

The incident is in the headlines now because police finally arrested the woman and charged her with DUI with property damage. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this is not the first time we've written about someone in the Panhandle crashing into a Waffle House
Siblings Steal Money From Girl Scout Outside a Walmart
Turns out this pair was turned in by their own grandfather, who spotted them on surveillance footage on the local news. Imagine having not one but two grandchildren as Girl Scout-robbing jerkwads. At that point, you just have to turn them in.

Nicholas Delbrugge, 20, and Ashley Winters, 25, spotted 12-year-old Lacey Lee selling Girl Scout cookies outside a Volusia County Walmart. The pair asked the girl a lot of questions about the cookies, but Lee noticed Delbrugge eyeing her cash box. 

The siblings left without buying cookies and then went into the Walmart. When the girl saw them coming out, she tried to hold onto her cash box, but Delbrugge made a lunge for it. He ran off with the box, which contained about $200, and ran into Winters' car. She was waiting with her daughter. 

In addition to their grandfather calling in, Winters' husband also phoned the police to identify the duo. 

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